At the end of the 21st century the accident at Honzo Station led to the discovery of geta waves/particles. This in turn led to a revolution in energy production, materials science, and space travel. Mankind had the ability to colonize and travel through the solar system. Megacorporations began to build nation-cities throughout the solar system, grabbing resources and territory. The jump gates were built, allowing travel beyond the solar system and the creation of the exo-solar colonies.

In the new politics of the solar system, megacorporations hire and maintain private armies to protect their interests and aggressively pursue profit. The key weapon in these armies is the MECHA: Mobile Environment Constructed Hulk Astronavigator. These giant robot suits allow the pilot to navigate space and various planetary atmospheres while maintaining a vast array of weapons and mobility. Mercenary groups pilot their mechs for various corporations. Meanwhile, politicians, CEOs, civilians, and terrorist groups all vie for power at the edge of the solar system.

Welcome to Warriors of the Kuiper Belt!

Warriors of the Kuiper Belt

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